We thoroughly inspect every pre-loved item before sending it on its way! We do our best to catch and note all flaws (stains, tears, missing buttons). But we’re human, and we sometimes miss things. 

We never Photoshop our garments or models, clamp items, or intentionally exclude flaws to misrepresent condition or fit. Many of our items are decades old, and have lived long, beautiful lives. If we miss minor flaws, we sincerely apologize. 

 Per the culture of vintage, we cannot offer refunds for sizing issues or minor flaws, so please read descriptions carefully and email us any questions! If we missed a major flaw, let us know so we can make it right. 

 And hey, we understand that not everyone wants their clothes pre-loved. If you decide secondhand isn’t for you, we'd love to direct you to some small makers to help fill your wardrobe with all things shiny, new, and ecologically conscious.